Company introduction


Zhejiang Qishen Agriculture Company Limited -Zhuji city, zhejiang province

The company was founded in May 2014

The main products of Okra

       Zhejiang QIshen Agriculture Limited was built in May, 2014. This company is in Zhuji City of Zhejiang Province, which is beautiful and historic. The registered capital of company is 10 million. Now they have 3 registered trademarks of 10 varieties, three invention patents and one parent of trademark copyright. Besides, they own two subsidiaries that is called Shaoxing Qishen E-commerce Limited and Zhuji Qiukui Vegetables Professional Cooperative community. It has created the new pattern of commerce that includes planting, purchasing, producing, selling, service, research and E-commerce.
       The main product which is called Huangqiukui that company explores has highly nutrition and medical value. It is also called the big guy of plants, the green ginseng. The company import seeds from foreign countries every year and plant in the mainland. Huangqiukui is better than other products whatever the color, shape or flavor, especially the new product “kuizhongkui” “yangshenhuacha” “kuizhongkui yangshencha” are chased by customers. Every product from the company controls the quality and safety from the origin. All of them use artificial planting, artificial weeding, artificial picking up. Besides, the company doesn’t use any toxic pesticide or chemical in the process of planting and growing. The process of deeply processing is out of any addictive. It is truly the origin, pure and harmless. 
       15 kinds of instant vegetable crackers that is exploited by the company nowadays include vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. It is made by imported equipment and Taiwan technology. The quality and flavor of them have a high level. Thus, It’s not only loved by Chinese customers but also plan to export to North America, Europe, Japan, Korean, Hongkong or other districts. All of the products have passed every index test of Chinese technological supervision department. Besides, it has the “National Industrial Product Producing License” awarded by National Marketing Supervision Department.
        Qishen Agriculture Limited from the day institute to today, the speed of development is very fast. The basement is awarded national sample basement by National Green Industry Stimulated Committee in 2014 and 2015. The leading product Huangqiukui has passed agricultural departmental “Harmless Certificate” and “ISO22000 International Food Safety Management System Certificate” now. “Kuizhongkui”, “Huangqiukui Huacha” and “Kuizhongkui Huangqiukui” were honored the champion of “15th International organic food And green food exhibition in 2015” and “15th International leisure food and famous specialty exhibition”. Qishen vegetable crackers were honored the High-quality Product Prize. In 2015, company was awarded “Zhejiang unit with high-quality and honest” and “AAA unit with quality, service and credit”. As well, it is awarded “Chinese Food With Highest Potential” and “Chinese Food of the 2rd forum and the pointed product of general high-level forum”. Our company is the unit of national industrial, commercial and agriculture. We are also the unit of Chinese Food Unions.
        Our company was showed on Zhejiang Stock Exchange Central “ Business Startups Board” in August, 2015. It means that our company will face new opportunities. We will break the traditional operational pattern with a new farmer’s face to achieve a higher target.